Revalioso Oil 250 ml – Medium Fruity

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Aromatic Profile:

Medium Fruity: Revalioso stands out for its medium fruity profile, a melody of fresh and soft notes that reflect the richness of the Umbrian terroir. A taste experience that expresses perfect balance.
From Umbria to your table:

Colle Revalioso: Born under the enchantment of Colle Revalioso, this fine oil is the result of careful cultivation and loving harvesting of olives. Every drop tells the story of a place steeped in history and tradition.
Versatile and Refined:

Ideal Accompaniment: Thanks to its medium fruity profile, Revalioso is the ideal accompaniment for a wide range of dishes. From picnics on the hills to the most sophisticated dinners, it adds a note of refinement to every occasion.
Choose Revalioso and let yourself be transported by the fruity essence of Colle Revalioso. A culinary experience that enhances your palate with the freshness and authenticity of Umbria, giving you a one-of-a-kind gastronomic journey.

Revalioso – The Fruity Elegance of Colle Revalioso

Explore the heights of culinary excellence with Revalioso, the extra virgin olive oil that celebrates the fruity harmony of Colle Revalioso, overlooking the picturesque Campello sul Clitunno. This medium fruity oil is a tribute to the beauty of the territory, capturing the soul of Colle Revalioso in every drop.

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