“Quattro Ristoranti” box set 250 ml

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The Tris of Excellence: Trattoliva Collection

Welcome to the world of culinary excellence, where unique flavor and the art of cooking come together in the Trattoliva Collection. This extraordinary trio of extra virgin olive oils of 250 ml each is a tribute to the passion and culinary mastery of the Trattoliva restaurant, protagonist of the “4 Restaurants” program conducted by Alessandro Borghese, to create a highly selected selection of oils that could meet the taste and refinement of Italian tables

In this package you will find:

Prim’Olio – Grezzo: Discover the authentic flavor of the Mediterranean with Prim’Olio, a Grezzo extra virgin olive oil born from the collaboration with Trattoliva. The finest olives are transformed into a fruity and slightly spicy experience, perfect for enhancing the flavor of your dishes.
Revalioso – Medium fruity: Revalioso, with its medium fruity profile, is the quintessence of culinary balance. Created in collaboration with Trattoliva, this oil is a hymn to versatility, ideal for accompanying both light and more structured dishes.
Tancredi – Intense Fruity: Tancredi is the extra virgin olive oil with an intense soul, born from the passion of Trattoliva and Alessandro Borghese. With robust and bold notes, it is the perfect choice for exploring new culinary boundaries and enriching boldly flavored dishes.
This exclusive collection is the result of a unique culinary experience, born from Trattoliva’s participation in the “4 Restaurants” program hosted by Alessandro Borghese. Each bottle, enclosed in an elegant and refined package, is a hymn to authenticity and culinary tradition.

Choose Trattoliva Collection and immerse yourself in an extraordinary taste journey, enriched by the passion of the Carletti family. Rediscover the pleasure of a high quality extra virgin olive oil that brings with it the history and soul of excellent cuisine.

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