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The Antico Caletti Oil Mill is certainly one of the first to arise in the area. Located in the heart of the Umbrian valley in Campello Sul Clitunno, between the splendid hills of Assisi, Foligno and Spoleto, it has been producing extra virgin olive oil since the second half of the 17th century.

The family-run company still retains the ancient olive harvesting and milling techniques handed down from generation to generation. The long experience gained in the sector allows to obtain an oil that summarizes two centuries of peasant tradition and culture projected in our time. 

Campello sul Clitunno is famous for its extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to the particular climate and the characteristics of the soil, it is one of the most important places in the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil. 

The property of the Carletti family is characterized by differences in height and slopes which favor the water flow of the water, involving the construction of dry stone walls around the olive trees, for the conservation of the land. The MORAIOLO variety is the prevalent cultivar in this area.

Oil extraction is carried out through the traditional system, with Sardinian granite millstones, hydraulic presses and separator. An important procedure that allows you to produce an extra virgin olive oil of “First Cold Pressing”, ie not subjected to temperature variations. Once the olives are crushed, the pasta obtained is collected and kept in motion by a “kneader” which distributes it on circular diaphragms called “fiscoli”, until the completion of a column which will then be inserted inside the press. 

The 300 kg Rapanelli hydraulic press takes one hour to complete the pressure, up to 400 atmospheres. Vegetation water and oil resulting from pressure are then divided by the separator. The oil does not undergo any artificial filtering process, therefore it is naturally decanted. It presents the eye with an intense green color, pleasant and fresh on the nose, delicate and pleasantly fruity on the palate.

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